Our Wiesbaden-based company was founded by people who have delivered outstanding performances both at home and abroad.

With its experienced staff, our company always attaches great importance to quality and satisfaction.

Due to the challenging projects at different scales we carried out at home and abroad, we are able to cope with more complex challenges.

Thanks to their experience based on a practice-oriented approach, our founding members will always take you a step further in various areas, with as little formalities as possible and more of personal contact. 

   Thanks to the merger under the umbrella of

         Commercial Invest Holding GmbH, we draw on 60 years of experience.


Tamer Zincidi

CIH Commercial Invest Holding GmbH is led by Mr. Tamer Zincidi as managing director.

Thanks to 20 years of professional experience, Mr. Zincidi has a distinctive international network.

Due to his long-standing and up-to-date experience as managing director at home and abroad in various distribution sectors, such as real estate, private investment funds, bonds, insurance, media and telecommunications, he possesses excellent international networks.

His motto is based on a practice-oriented approach - with as little formalities as possible and more of personal and open contact.

Abdullah Ünal

CIH Commercial Invest Holding GmbH is led by Mr. Abdullah Ünal as co-managing director.

Durch die Gründung der Kentsel Grup in 2009 hat sich sein Unternehmen im Bausektor einen sehr guten Ruf erworben. Mit ihren bis Dato 20 verwirklichten Bauprojekten sind Sie in dem Bausektor stetig am Wachsen.

Under this structure, he has entered import and export sectors in various segments, such as electronics, automobiles and food, and successfully operates in various European countries. 

Im Jahre 2018 ist er in die spezielle Produktion mit Digitalem Druck eingetreten und hat die Teppichproduktionsfabrik Resmiro Limited Company gegründet und den internationalen Vertrieb über das Internet eröffnet.

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